Top 10 Social Networking Sites to share your blog post

social networkingThe importance of Social networking sites is increasing as revelation both in SEO and human life. Because, In social media, people are being engaged directly. They can share their opinions, thoughts, ideas etc. with others easily and there is strong interaction between all parties.

In this post of Webconsi, I am going to show a list of top 10 social networking sites. In this list, you may found all of the social networking sites as familiar. Or there may be remain another story. You may don't recognize some of those. But the thing is that these are top 10 social networking sites on the web now-a-days.

facebook logo
There is nothing to tell about Facebook. Because it tells enough about itself! I think there is no one who does not know or hear about Facebook! You can call Facebook as Social Media giant. Facebook has launched in February 2004. No one can't use Facebook without registration like other social networking sites. It gives chance users to create own profile, decorate it as intention, work as group, share, comment, poke and more. Facebook is a social networking site which operates by Facebook Inc. Mark Zuckerberg is ideally famous for Facebook.

The alexa global rank of Facebook- 2

google plus logo

2.Google Plus
'Google+' or 'Google plus' is a social networking site which bears very importance for Search Engine Optimization actually. As a sister site of Google, Google gives more importance of activities on Google plus(i.e.sharing, plus 1 etc.) about a website. It is the most youngest of the top 10 social networking sites list..
As the sub-domain of Google,

the alexa global rank of Google plus- 1

Twitter logo
Twitter is just another of popular social networking sites. Twitter backlinks is also important of SEO. Twitter called itself as real-time information network. You can make small massage with the maximum length of 140 characters is called tweet. There are many options and services which are provided by twitter. 

The alexa global rank of Twitter- 9
The alexa USA rank- 10

Linkedin logo

4. Linkedin
Linkedin is popular amongst the professional. It helps to build strong professional network. It has been built in December, 2002. It has launched in May 5, 2003 After covering the period, it is now number one social networking site amongst the professional. It has already over 175 millions members.

The alexa global rank of Linked- 13
The alexa USA rank - 13

pinterest logo

5. Pinterest
Pinterest is called as virtual pinboard where a use can make pin and repin. To make a pin a specified image need. Other user can also participate to pin and repin of a user pin. Pinterest has launched in March, 2010.

The alexa global rank of Pinterest- 37
The alexa USA rank- 15

livejournal logo

6. Live Journal
Live Journal offers to keep a blog, diary or journal by its user. Basically it is used for political commentary in Russia. Live Journal started in April, 1999.
It is more popular in Russia(11).

The global alexa rank of Live Journal- 124
The Aexa USA rank- 287

myspace logo

 7. MySpace
Myspace was so popular at previous time. It has lost its more visitors in the last year due to increasing the popularity of Facebook. Myspace launched in August, 2003. Myspace is owned by pop singer and actor Justine Timberlake. It has over 25 millions US unique visitors.

The global alexa rank of MySpace- 208
The alexa USA rank- 144
deviantart logo

8. DeviantArt
DeviantArt is a social networking site which offers to make showcasing of user-made different kind of artwork.  It was launched in August, 2000. In this social networking site, Registration is a optional matter. But making registration, a user can get more features and user benefits.

The alexa rank of Tagged-137
The alexa USA rank- 101

Tagged logo9. Tagged
Tagged is a social networking site which is based on different test. Their expression is discovering new friends around yourself! Tagged offer to browse other members profile, play game online and sharing users intention with other users. Tagged was founded in 2004. It claims that it has over 100 millions members.
The alexa rank of Tagged-274
The alexa USA rank- 249

orkut logo

10. Orkut
Orkut is assigned with Google. In other word, Google is owner of Orkut. It also operates by Google. Like Google plus, a user can use Orkut with a gmail ID. Orkut has started in August, 2008. As Google declared that Orkut will be operated by Google Brazil, It is more popular in Brazil (42)

The alexa rank of Tagged-773
The alexa USA rank- 9203

The judgment is done by myself. But for this judgement, I required to spend  5 days to make the top 10. I have to research carefully to make the top 10 social networking sites list. Because, the list may be special for someone. If it works for you, My hard work will get success.

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